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Always been interested in motorcycles ever since he started to work on them and rode them as an 11 year old boy. his first bike being an NSU OSL251 which he converted into a scrambler. Soon being followed by several BSA B31 and B33's and many others such as the whole NSU range,Jawa, Victoria,DKW,Matchless,Ariel and Norton. In the meantime, next to his scrambling activities taking part in illegal road races ,with his 50cc 100+kmh.selftuned RAP. At the age of 16 he discovered one of his lifetime motorcycle favorites the Ducati. he bought a 1967 250cc MK3 when he was 18 years of age and rode it for three years until he sold it in 1972. During his time in the Dutch army he was a dispatch rider, riding Matchless GL3's and Triumph's 3TA's 350cc. In 1976 he got married and picked up motorcycling again whilst he restored a Harley Davidson WLA and rode it to numerous rallies in Holland ,the UK and Germany, before he bought his first Vincent in bits in 1978, a 500 Comet  and joined the Vincent owners Club in 1979. Soon after it was followed by a 1000cc Rapide and some more 500cc Comets and a fleet of Ducati and Benelli singles, which were most of the time converted for racing purposes.